Back to School - Preparing for The New Academic Year

15th Aug 2016

August 2016

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success" - Alexander Graham Bell


Preparing for the new school year is an important part of every academic’s life. Planning an effective and smooth running event or fundraiser can be almost impossible if left to the last minute; rallying parents, students and your school all together is an extremely difficult task, even for the most experienced teachers and PTOs.


Early preparation is crucial to the success of your year reserve your place for our Greeting Card Fundraising Project before September 16th 2016 to get your printed cards delivered for the holidays.


Fundraising is such an important aspect for many schools across the country, raising money to fund everything from playground equipment to educational supplies, helping to ensure your student’s quality of life and education during their time with you is the best that it can be!


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